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My Disconnection (feat. Siege Spitfire)

by Feyer

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My Disconnection (feat. Siege Spitfire)


Verse 1:
Those who meet me might see a fool
As would those who make all the rules
They know how to go with the flow
I cannot do that
Laughing matters are in the joint
But what do I do when I miss the point?
Who knows what the outcome will be?
We'll just wait and see
What the next step is
Who is the stranger
Right now I feel like I am

This is my disconnection
It makes me disconnected
I try to fight it but it
Comes up from behind
It's my big imperfection
Cause when I lose direction
I try to get a grip but lose it
It must be a sign

Verse 2:
My heart tells me where I should go
Though I have no real sense of control
It says here to fall into line
It's in the fine print
Splitting hairs to credit a case
But I'm about the about-face
Swing to my side to see what I mean
It can't be unseen
What is the next step?
I cannot find it
Now I'm the stranger again


Siege's Verse:
Rap spittin’
Rapper trapped in a prison
Way too many visions I’m tryna bring to fruition
Is this a living?
How in the hell do I support it?
My ideology’s to do whatever isn’t corporate
You coming at me like the things you do are so important
I’m coming at you as a lyricist that kicks the purest
I’m so tired of a nine to five
I might move to the forest
And climb the vines
Any mic I’ll cook it
My rhymes are prime
I’m a frontside crooked; the grind defined
How these rappers so real that they lives are fake
Y’all waste time I got no time to waste
Trying lift up my people from the fire escape
Tryna climb up this ladder but its tryna break
Why hate?
I guess I’ll probably die asking questions
The mind is a blessing
Thats my disconnection

Verse 3:
Laughing matters are in the joint
What do I do when I miss the point?
Who thinks they know what the outcome will be?
I don't wanna think about it
That makes me seem like I'm strange
This is my
This is my
This is my
This is my...

Chorus 3


released October 23, 2020
Feyer - vocals, production, mixing
Siege Spitfire - vocals
Michael Bouteneff - drums
Karel Ullner / Polarbull Productions - mastering
Aleah Black - cover art


all rights reserved



Feyer New York, New York

Feyer is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, arranger, producer and composer. Holding true to the message of musical diversity, he embraces and combines a variety of musical styles into a unique alternative/electro sound. His new track, "Parties!" is out now! ... more

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